Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DaVinci Graphics

Good morning everyone
I will not be posting the dresden images I have just yet. Each files is huge, over 16Mg, really huge! I think the best way is to use zip it and do it that way. So instead of those images, I have something else that is really beautiful and I think you could use for the your holiday creations. I have several DaVinci books and I scanned many many pages so here are some to get you started. I will post more through the month. I hope you enjoy these beautiful images and if you use them in one of your artful creations please send me a photo so I can post it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday

The dresden images I want to share with you are too large to upload. I will redo the images and make them smaller and will (hopefully!) share them with you in another post. I have 17 pages of images I need to redo so it may be a few days, but the wait will be worth it, they are really beautiful images. I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a "creative" Friday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Graphic for you!

I had great ideas for posting on Halloween, but I ended up under the weather Friday thru Sunday so I didn't post them...oh well...there is always next year. Now I am taking the halloween part down and leaving the fall up. I have been working on Christmas and I need to take photos to share, will do that soon when I have a few things finished. But for now I wanted to share some beautiful artwork for you to copy and maybe use in you holiday creations. These are pages of German dresden angels, santas...etc. that I purchased a few years ago and scanned, and now you can use them too. I hope you enjoy and if you do make something using them I hope you send me a photo so I can post it on my blog for everyone to see. Have a wonderful "creative" day.

Sorry, but after 20 minutes of running I wasn't able to upload just 1 scanned image so I need to take a look at my scans and see if there is something wrong, or perhaps there is a problem with the network, I don't know and it is so frustrating. So please stay tuned, I may not have images until tomorrow.